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es te〓ch SMEs that ◆are key to i○ndustry disrupt◆ion, to job creat●ion, and t〓o the technological ●in

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cret■ary-general of Inte◆rnational Telec●ommunication U■nion.Prajin Junton■g, Thai deputy ■prime Minis

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a●t "ICT is not for ◆those who can a〓fford it but we mus〓t allow those who ar◆e most in need ■to benef

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m c■arriers and ◆ICT enterprise〓s set up pavil〓ions to sh◆ow their latest ●technology a◆nd ideas duri

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鰈atest ideas an●d experience in● cloud, nationa○l broadband○ networks, ul〓tra-fast wir◆eless communic

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ud〓 can make our world ◆connected in the ●future.People ca〓n unlock the ○door of thei●r house with a c

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■ home in the same ◆way, governments c○an be connecte〓d with their peop●le and thus se〓rvice thei●r people better, pat●ients health ■data from birth◆ are all in◆ a cloud for● doctors to refer to〓, data of ever■y motor vehicle is i〓n a cloud for traffi○c police and ho◆spitals to ○follow in ●

case of an emergen◆cy, and for〓 insurance companies■ to checkIn ord■er to achieve ○such a connected dig●ital society, the● company sugge●sts countries ○aroun

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d the w〓orld  make t■heir ICT regu●lation less● restrictive bu〓t more comprehens●ive.The company say■s every country sh■ould be buil■ding more digital i○nfrastructure to f◆uel a high quality e◆conomic transfor◆mation and l■ong-term, sustainab■le growth."Data ce■nters and broadband ●netwo

rks are◆ a vital part of 〓the national inf〓ormation infrast〓ructure. Huawei is c◆ommitted to build◆ing a bette〓r connecte■d world, a○nd we beli■eve that for

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any● developing nation o〓r region see■king dramatic devel○opment, it○ is vital for the〓m to use the leve〓rs of p

  • 鬷c and private s○ectors acr■oss the ICT in●dustry gathered he〓re in
  • Bangkok to ta◆lk about colla●boration while C■hinese ICT gi○ant Huawei as◆ks for a b
  • etter ◆connected world d●uring the ITU Tel●ecom World 2016 whic●h wi

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erate infrastr■ucture development◆s, said Zou Zhil

e●i, president of H■uawei'


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s Carrie●r Business ◆Gro

ITU 〓Teleco

up.Zou added● that Huawe〓i is now a ●leading provider〓 of global IC●T sol

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ution◆s and the company is○ ready to work wit■h all nations to de●velop their ■broa

ina's Hu◆

dband 〓capacity."With a dev●eloped broadband ca●pacity, the fut〓ure societ

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y that ○Huawei descri〓bed is a one with 〓ubiquitous s○ensors, ubiquitous 〓connectiv

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U Telecom Worl■d 201611-15-2016〓 14:17 BJTBAN■GKOK, Nov. 14
Public ○and private secto◆rs across the◆ ICT indust◆ry gat
here in Bangkok● to talk a●bout collab〓oration whil◆e Chin

ese ICT ●giant

ode to follow ○us on Wechat■Huawei kee〓ps connecting ◆to AfricaHu◆awei keeps conn◆ecting to A◆fricaHuawei kee

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